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“There is a land-rush on at the moment. Actually… it has been on for a while now. It has been largely underground. With some power players ‘Staking out’ their patch. But there are still ‘gold patches’…. You just need to know where to dig……” The Art of The Domain. Domain names, URL’s, Web addresses etc. They all have the same meaning. A place on the web – with an address (http://prpowershot.com), that you can claim as your own (as long as you continue to renew it). Somewhere you can setup a website, Install a blog, have an email address set up, or just ‘park it’. Domain names are easy to come by… Anyone can register one, as long as they have about $10. But – and here is the key…. And that is worth repeating… NOT ALL DOMAINS ARE EQUAL!!!

Domains can be picked up that have MASSIVE advantages over the ones you can go and register… Advantages like Age, Backlinks, Pagerank Social Signals and more. We’ll look at how you can track down some of these ‘hidden’ gems in a little while – because they are there…. As we said, it is just a matter of knowing where to dig. So let’s look at domains. You may already have a few…. After reading this, you may want to race out and grab a few more! There is significant money to be made with domain names, and not all of it comes from simply buying and selling – there are many other methods for making the cash registers ring, other than selling the asset. I hope these ten ways will set off some lights for you - and help you to make some money from ways that perhaps you had not thought of before.

Domains and Web Property. Domains are often called ‘Digital Real Estate’ by many – the development of websites, and the trading of domain names, certainly reflects the ‘real’ side of property, but without the downfalls. Like Property or ‘Real Estate’ – there is only ever ONE of any domain Anybody who knows anything about how fortunes are created knows that real estate has probably created more millionaires than any other single profession. Well located real estate is one of the keys to the success of any physical business and fortunes are made every day in the buying and selling of strategically located properties all over the world. Will Rogers, the famous American humorist is reputed to have once said, "…. put your money in land because they aren't making any more of it." Actually that's just a paraphrase of what he actually said but he was totally correct on the concept. There's only so much land along any road, in any city or along any lake shore and land can certainly be transformed from pure dirt to pure Gold by virtue of what somebody builds.

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