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An in ground swimming pool is what some might think of as a traditional pool. Dug into the yard so that the swimmer steps down into the water below ground level. This traditional planning, however, doesn’t mean that the design needs to be in any way traditional, plain or dull. In ground swimming pool repair are open to a wealth of design features, plans and interesting quirks that could make your back yard pool a serene haven, or the base for the best parties in town.

Whether you’re looking for a fun, functional family pool or a super stylish place to relax away the stresses of daily life as you take in the scenery, here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, we have a wealth of experience in creating the ideal pool for every fantasy. A luxury pool is so much more than a lined, tiled rectangle dug into the ground. With infinity pools, multi-level pools, novelty pools, round pools, pools that follow the curve of your property or echo the shape of your home, no matter what it is you’re hoping for, we will find a way to ensure that your dream becomes a reality. A pool is so much more than a place to relax, it is a haven, a home, a place to get cool in the Palm Beach sun, and it’s a statement, a stylish addition, a feature in its own right. A luxurious, in-ground swimming pool construction of the Palm Beaches can sit at a distance from your house, a retreat from the hustle and bustle of a family home with a shaded spot, views over the Florida horizon, a serene place with gardens and plant life to create an otherworldly spot to forget your woes. Or perhaps you want something that flows from indoors to out, bringing the yard and home together harmoniously, providing year round swimming for the whole family, safe and functional while adding a touch of glamour and fantasy to your home. The pool itself could be the feature, with lights that dance through the clear waters, with waterfalls and fountains, levels of different depths for every mood and occasion, and stunning stonework and tiling to highlight the high end feel of the pool design you choose. Alternatively, if you have a feature of your home or gardens that you want to accent, your pool can be a luxurious, stylish addition that echoes pre-existing features and adds a final, perfect touch that brings a touch of magic to your yard, and to your life. Whatever the design you have in mind there is a way to add this luxury, high end design to any space, truly making your pool a destination for friends and family, or kept as a perfect haven for you to sooth the day away under the Florida night sky. Pool Doctor of Palm Beaches have experience in creating truly unique, high end pool designs that bring a touch of true luxury to your home.

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