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With 8 weeks before the regular season ends, sports bettors are actually setting their sights on their own best betting options and Free Football Picks to the post season. While it's still extremely hard to predict the final outcome over the past week with the regular season, you need to begin be prepared for the rigors of your post season. The challenge to sports bettors with NHL picks at your fingertips goes beyond the assessment with regards to which two teams which will allow it to be.

There are two contrasting positions with regards to handicapping post season NFL matches. Either you handicap the ultimate 4 NFL teams and assess your betting options and NFL picks according to your analysis of statistical data or perform your handicapping by thinking about the technical issues and concerns which are expected to come up through the post season.

So, how should sports bettors approach these schools of thought in handicapping NFL post season games? What's important that you need to do is to learn and see the spirit involved in such sports handicapping service. In case you are to take into account the preferences of sports handicappers, you'll discover varying views and opinions concerning the issue on what NFL teams definitely will advance. Not surprisingly, the critical considerations for either option include team fundamentals, players and game situations.

For sports bettors, probably the most logical technique to assess their betting options and Free Football Picks is simply by answering these questions.

Question #1- How possess the NFL home teams performed in the regular season?

It can be have got to be the essential consideration when assessing your betting options since this variable is sure to have a strong have an effect on the results of games while in the post-season.

Question #2- Which NFL team is developed because money winner, top favorites and underdogs?

Certainly, you should assess if the heavy favorites still secure the edge when going upright and contrary to the spread.

Question #3- How do you rate the performance of NFL teams with better win-loss record?

The front-running teams while in the regular season might not necessarily be the foremost choice for sports bettors throughout the post-season. However, the typical trend is that these top NFL teams are more solid within their performance and they are going 31 - 22 about the spread and 37 - 16 upright.

Question #4 - How would you rate the performance of road teams?

NFL teams are generally not faring well playing abroad. These NFL teams intend 12 - 17 up against the spread and 9 - 29 upright when playing from back-to-back games on the streets.

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